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Welcome to the MapleStory 2 Wiki! Please consider helping out and contributing your time to improve the Wiki, thank you! Outfit Inventory Expansion (6 Slot) Adds 6 slots to your outfit inventory. Each tab can have up to 48 slots. Cannot be used if you've already reached maximum capacity. Double-click the item in your inventory window to use ... Bank and Inventory Slots - General - MapleTip Forums Feb 12, 2006 · Bank and Inventory Slots - posted in General: Okay I know you can get new inventory slots from the cash shop. However do they expire in 90 days like everything else there? Here is something I did not find on the cash shop. Where do you get more bank/storage slots? I have no space left from all my ore gathering and hording of items for quests. What are all these Inventory functions and slots Jan 15, 2019 · There are many different types of inventory slots in MapleStory 2, and many actions that can be performed from within your inventory itself. There are 12 different inventory tabs for MapleStory 2: Gear - For armor, accessories, and weapons that can be equipped. Outfits - Cosmetic items and fashion pieces are located here. BasilMarket Slots in your inventory. thread Inventory slots, not Character Slots. When you job advance, you are given extra slots depending on your job. For example, way back when, I noticed that Rogues get 4 more spaces of USE Inventory space as opposed to Mages, who get none.[/quote] Im pretty certain it depends on your job. like a sin and bowman have extra use slots compared to a warrior

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10:24 How to Make Mesos on Maplestory Fast. These are the top ways of making money quick andSo how do we structure our inventory around our target market? In my experience, the best bigSo you’ve finally gotten your mom to buy that Nexon/@ Cash Card for you. It’s time to make some REAL... BasilMarket More Inventory Slots w/o Nx? thread | … More Inventory Slots w/o Nx? General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general. tylerhello.Pretty much every class gets extra slots every advancement except for mages it seems. UAs/Boom up/ generated characters that don't start at level 1 have the default beginner amount of... How to Increase Inventory Space in ESO How to get more inventory space in ESO? Everything you need to expand the size of the inventory is to find Bag Merchant in one of the big cities. Bag Merchants can be usually found on the Marketplace and they will add extra space for gold: The first update will add 10 extra slots increasing inventory...

Maplestory Inventory Slots. maplestory inventory slots Another odd effect, usually found in Adventure and Role-Playing games, is an inventory limit on a single kind of item. The classic example is being able to carry 99 healing Potions and 99 Antidotes, but not 198 Potions or even 100.Jul 22, 2008 · Another popular form of halogen lighting is ...

Daily Deals: Discounted Extra Character Slot Coupons | MapleStory Nov 16, 2018 ... This weekend, we're selling Extra Character Slot Coupons for cheap! ... account on purchase, so no need to pull them out of the cash inventory! Global MapleStory Best in Slot/Progression Guide | Dexless ... Oct 8, 2018 ... Global MapleStory Best in Slot/Progression Guide ... One-Hand+Shield, Only if you don't already have to use a Two-Handed Weapon like Aran ... What is the max amount of inventory slots you can get? - Borderlands ... I got to 42 inventory slots thinking that was the max number of slots seeing as the achievement is called "Fully loaded", but the other day i was doing one of the ... MapleStory Potential System Guide | AyumiLove

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[HOW TO] Inventory expansion slots | MapleLegends Forums Hey guys and gals! I'm fairly new to MapleLegends and I'm loving it so far, but I've come across a problem. I'm looking to expand my inventory slots (Mostly the ETC and use slots), but I can't find the corresponding items in the cash shop. MapleStory - Download Download MapleStory . The Most Adorable MMORPG. Maplestory is a multiplayer role-playing game in which you delve into the fantastic world of Maple to live with all of its inhabitants and join in hundreds of adventures which your friends can join you on. dismantle_and_enhance [Maplestory 2 Wiki] Find a dismantler or open up your inventory and click the dismantler button . Shove stuff into it, then hit the yellow button and you get rocks!(or maybe powders) Cannoneer Inventory Slots -

Then feed those Uncommon Pets into your Epic. Alternatively, in case you can't get Uncommon Pets, you'll be able to fuse Standard into Standard. It is an excellent thought to begin stockpiling just before you get your Epic, that way you could level them up swiftly as soon as you ultimately get them.

weird inventory glitch - MapleStory Message Board for... -… I had 3 slots open in the weapon inventory. Yet I can't pickup another. WTH?Yeah, but that comes up with different text. it says on the right he can't get anymore items.Exactly? As you can see, i Definatly had slots. Had trouble picking up a HTP earlier., then I had to drop that necro crossbow to... Maplestory 2 FAQ Compilation Guide MS2 | GamerDiscovery How do I get to 2’100 gear score? They honestly all have the same garbage drop rate on purple equipment.How do I hide a cosmetic slot? You need the Transparency Badge.Maplestory 2 Archers are the generic long ranged class that do medium to high damage over a certain distance. Getting started in Pocket MapleStory | pocket maplestory

This part of the guide tells of how Demon Avenger differs. There isn't much changes here due to theObtain Emblems from Chaos Root Abyss Bosses to eventually (by using them in inventory) trade for theIf the item transposed had less slots than the Sweetwater Item, you may scroll it for more stats. [How-To] Increase your inventory slots / ALL Inventory… If you're like me and want to have as much inventory space as possible, or you simply rushed to high level by grinding and skipped all the quests, this should help you with your inventory issues! How to Increase Inventory Space in ESO